I’m VERY Excited!!!

EXCITED is not the word! Jumping around the house, bouncing from room to room, ready to burst from anticipation might be slightly more accurate!!!

Emigrate just posted an album teaser video minutes ago on their Facebook page and it sounds HOT!!! Silent So Long is due to be released in October.

Emigrate is the solo project of Richard Kruspe- the lead guitarist of German industrial metal giants Rammstein (my favourite band), unlike the songs of Rammstein, Kruspe sings in English. Kruspe is my HERO and his previous solo album simply titled Emigrate, (released in 2007) blew my mind.

Richard Kruspe: source: https://www.facebook.com/Emigrate/photos/pb.143125545697938.-2207520000.1406215052./761008073909679/?type=1&theater

Richard Kruspe: source: Emigrate official Facebook page.

It’s not entirely clear who’s producing Silent So Long, whether Jacob Hellner (Emigrate, Rammstein, Apocalyptica) is involved, though there is a photo of Kruspe with Ben Grosse (previously Sevendust, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, Breaking Benjamin, Depeche Mode and more) and from what I gather from the Facebook photos, Sascha Moser is programming and editing again.

It’s all very exciting!!!!!!!! The album is available for pre-order on Amazon: Silent So Long: Amazon.de: Musik.

My personal favourite, Richard Kruspe, Till Lindemann stands under the shower of sparks and Oliver Riedel in the O2, Dublin, 27/02/12. Copyright Stephanie Caffrey 2012.

My personal favourite, Richard Kruspe, Till Lindemann stands under the shower of sparks and Oliver Riedel in the O2, Dublin, 27/02/12. Copyright Stephanie Caffrey 2012.

Words That Burn Release New Single “Before The Fall”

Attention metal heads! Dundalk-based metallers Words That Burn released their new single “Before The Fall” via BandCamp over the weekend. And it kicks serious ass.

For me personally, the song brings the likes of Primordial to mind. The excellent production showcases the band as a mature and highly-polished unit with plenty of edge and energy expertly performed. Catchy guitar hooks, tight as hell bass and drums, excellent lyrics and a savage vocal performance make this latest release the bands finest output to date. I love the fabulous contrasting middle eight for the well-considered, layered vocal harmonies- the lower register of Ronan’s vocal gets me every time.

Download the song at the link here: BEFORE THE FALL | Words That Burn. Name your price! It’s free if you want it to be!

The accompanying video was released this evening on YouTube- excellent work! Check it out below:


Their previous album Praey is also available on BandCamp to download- name your price: PRAEY | Words That Burn. Also awesome merch is available here: Home / Words That Burn Shop.

The band’s next major gig is at PhilFest 2014 in Fibbers, Parnell St, Dublin (Sunday the 29th of June)- a 2-day heavy metal event with a fantastic lineup for a mere €5 per day- you’d be bonkers to miss it!

Get liking Words That Burn on Facebook.

Get following @words_that_burn on Twitter.

Rock out!!! \m/


Photos From the Irish Maritime Festival 2014 :)

The Irish Maritime Festival was a huge success last weekend in Drogheda Port. Drogheda town centre was buzzing with the festival atmosphere Saturday and Sunday. What fab weather we got for it!

Here’s some photos we took, mostly of the Augustinian Gospel Choir! You can imagine my fright when I turned around to see a dancing Spongebob Squarepants on stage, right behind me! What fun we had! And of course a dancing Patrick, our newest choir member ;)

Thanks to the Purple Sessions crew for the great sound and thanks to the festival organisers for a wonderful experience!


Gerry Simpson and the Augustinian Gospel Choir


The Augustinian Gospel Choir


Patrick joins us onstage for “Happy”!


Happy! Myself and Gerry :)


My choir buddy Tamlyn

Enjoying the fab weather before the gig!

Enjoying the fab weather before the gig!

Irish Maritime Festival 2014 :)

Join us this Sunday (June 15th) in Drogheda at The Irish Maritime Festival 2014 - Gerry Simpson and the Augustinian Gospel Choir- we will be singing our hearts out and giving it all we’ve got at 1pm at the Ballast Sound Stage!

Come along, clap along, sing along- you will be uplifted and you will be feeling HAPPY! :D

Gerry Simpson and the Augustinian Gospel Choir

Gerry Simpson and the Augustinian Gospel Choir

Sunday 15th of June 2014

Sunday 15th of June 2014


New Song: “Crystal Hearts”

I would like to share my major production project “Crystal Hearts”- a contemporary Celtic New Age song about the divine connection and eternal love of soulmates that I have been working on this semester. This is an alternative mix to what I’m being graded on and I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as I did producing it! Love and light.

Composed by Stephanie Caffrey

Lyrics by Keith Caffrey and Stephanie Caffrey.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Stephanie Caffrey.

Vocals: Fiona McErlane
Drums: Jay Ruddy
Bass: Shane Piper
Harp: Shane Taaffe
Fiddles: Ellie McGinley and Stephanie Caffrey
Low Whistle: Corentin Morgble
Bodhran: Corentin Morgble
Synths and drum loops: Stephanie Caffrey
Piano: Stephanie Caffrey

Assisted by Shauna Kearney and Scott McLoughlin.

1st Annual Final Year Showcase of BA Music and Audio Production

Tomorrow night is a big night for us Third Year Music and Audio Production students at DkIT. We are presenting our major production projects in the Spirit Store and we’re very excited about it!


We were the first ever intake of Music and Audio Production (2011) and our production  projects combine everything we have studied over the last three years.

We have worked with teams of musicians from the BA Music Applied plus other courses in DkIT as well as musicians outside of the college on our individual projects.

There will be something for everyone at this event- our songs range from Folk to Rock, Pop to Dance and Celtic New Age to Metalcore!

We are looking forward to celebrating our hard work and hearing each others final mixes.

Entry is free and doors are at 7.30pm, do come along!

More info: 1st Annual Final Year Showcase of BA Music and Audio Production | Dundalk Institute of Technology.

For course details please visit: BA (Hons) Production of Music and Audio | Dundalk Institute of Technology.

“Crystal Hearts”

A little photo collage from the studio sessions of my most recent production project at DkIT – “Crystal Hearts” written by myself and Keith Caffrey. Just saying a massive THANK YOU to all the musicians who performed on the song! Everyone brought something special to my production. The song is Celtic New Age and tells the story of two people who meet and recognise each other as soulmates (remember my blog post last summer that I was demoing something special? This is it! Completed, produced and mixed!). An expression of everlasting love and divine connection “Crystal Hearts” is my most proud piece as a songwriter, musician and producer yet.



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