A Great Day at Feckin Studio!

Yes that’s right. Feckin Studio! And sure, why not! As I live in Termonfeckin, Feckin Records seems like a suitable name for my productions! Pure gold! 😀 What radio DJ is going to ignore a CD with “A Feckin Studios Production” on it! Hahaha!

As you may already know from my personal Facebook page, I’m collaborating with Sarah Louisa Nolan, a very talented singer, musician, actress, teacher as well as my personal friend. We have something exciting to share soon! We have already recorded vocals, all we need is a few guitar overdubs and finish the mix!

Go to The Upper Circle Academy: Sarah Louisa Nolan to read about Sarah Lou’s musical career so far.

Aztaria are returning to the rehearsal room next week! Watch out of you’re about Dublin city on Saturday night though, the Aztarians are hitting the town to celebrate future adventures, recent achievements and good health!!! Party over here!

Pawel, Arianna and David from Aztaria know how to party!!!

‘Til the next time! x


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