A Busy Night Recording Vocals In A Secret Location!

Exciting things happening in Feckin Studio lately! Tonight myself and Sarah Lou headed out to a secret location to record vocals for this latest track we are working on! She met me at Feckin Studio where I blindfolded her and bundled her into my car! I kidnapped her in essence. Yes I did. That’s all part of the Feckin Studio recording experience you know! She found herself some time later in a fantastic church in the middle of Nowhere. An acoustically amazing location, her vocal filled the church with beautiful reflections. Don’t ask how I got the key! And don’t ask if I actually got permission!

Armed with my trusty iMac, my Roland Cakewalk UA 25 EX audio interface, Rode NTK microphone, pop shield, Samson S-Amp and two pairs of headphones, we tracked about 30 vocal takes in about an hour and a half, perhaps less.

Sarah Lou was delighted with the location and sang her heart out, despite not knowing where she was and knowing whether I actually going to bring her back to her car or not! We even had time for a few snaps at the end, a well earned giggle after a busy night!

Sarah Lou poses for me in a confession box (after she prayed for our sins!)
Me starting my 100 Hail Marys I was punished with...

The track will be revealed in a few weeks!!!


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