Well Done Arlene Caffrey!!!

Congratulations to my super talented sister Arlene who won the crown for Irish Pole Champion for the third time!!! Arlene has been pole dancing for 5 years and has achieved so much already including; Irish Pole Champion 2011, All Ireland Pole Dance Champion joint-2nd place 2011, World Pole Dance Championship Semi-Finalist 2010, European Pole Dance Champion of Champion 4th Place ’10, All Ireland Talent Show Final 8 (The East), Irish Pole Champion 2010, Irish Pole Champion runner-up 2009, Irish Pole Champion 2008, Miss Pole Fitness N.I. ’08 and Miss Pole Dance Ireland 2007.

Arlene, copyright Jass Foley 2011

I’m very proud of my artistic, younger sister who works really hard at everything she does, be it for school, college, art, fitness, even for her driving! 😉  Arlene has a unique style of pole dancing, she incorporates her artistic side to create something much more than just tricks on a pole. Graceful, elegant and tasteful, Arlene has a natural flair and makes the most amazing, complex and sometimes even hair-raising moves look effortless!

Arlene performing on Irelands Got Talent earlier this year
Interview in the Sunday Independent's 'Life' magazine, 25/09/2011

Go, go, go Team Arlo!!! All your family and friends are right behind you! xxx


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