Music Is…

I paused this morning to think about music and what it means to me. I could write a book about how awesome music is yet I want to take a few minutes to write down some thoughts.

Music is not just a catchy pop song you hear on the radio or background noise in the supermarket, music is freedom for expression. The joy of expressing ones emotions through music cannot be compared to any other (to musicians!) be it through the heart-wrenching bend of a guitar string, the haunting melody of a vocal, pounding on drums, seamless bowing on a violin. Whatever your musical discipline, background or culture may be. What greater joy could there be for a vocalist to sing their original song to a crowd, be it to 20 or 20,000 people and each of those singing every word back to the vocalist, a perfect circle of expression of emotion and/or beliefs? In any genre.

Music is a window to the soul and the creative mind of he/she who composes it. For a specified time we get to step inside the mind of the composer or artist, experience the emotion he/she was feeling, see the colors they painted their composition with. We get a taste of the inner beauty of that persons mind and we share something special. And not just from recordings, a performing musician can captivate an audience when he/she delivers that huge lyric, solo or progression. We enjoy the confident, smiling guitarist who may play something so simple as open chords because he/she delivers a human warmth, we are entranced with the vocalist who pours their heart out over a deep personal experience, we are hypnotized, we can relate.

Music drives us forward, calms us down, makes us dance, makes us clap, puts us to sleep. Music drives us to run that extra mile because the beat is so strong and the melody is so catchy. Music subdues us and makes us stop to think through a bed of luscious harmony and soft rhythms. Music also gets embedded in our brains and makes us get up and dance, throw the craziest shapes and jump around with a certain energy.

Music is endlessly changing. There’s constant evolution occurring through new ideas, thanks to innovative technology and the blending of contrasting influences and theories. There’s something for everyone these days, you only have to go online to find something new or old in a matter of seconds!

For me anyway, music is freedom.


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