I am Runner of the Week! :D

Okay, this is not a music-related post but according to http://www.walkjogrun.net, I am Runner of the Week!!! I am so chuffed! 😀

Caitlin Seick from WalkJogRun was in touch with me recently, asking me would I like to take part in their new blog series, Runner Of The Week because they have chosen me to be their very first runner! I’m excited and so honored they got in touch with me!

The blog was posted this evening on WalkJogRun, you can read it here: Runner of the Week: Stephanie C..

As well as enjoying music as a form of relaxation, I like to run in the evenings after college, it keeps me fit and helps me de-stress! I have been making a big effort to get back in shape this year, I have already clocked up 270km’s since January 1st 🙂


I keep a log of my running routes and times etc, on a personal online training-diary with WalkJogRun, the kind people there have noticed my regular entries and Tweets and decided to get in touch with me! It’s a great website for plotting out routes (it works with Google Earth), calculating distances, keeping track of times etc, it’s also cool because you can Tweet your recent runs (or walks etc!) and/or share them on Facebook, getting likes and comments from your friends definitely motivates you to go out again! A nifty website and one I highly recommend if you’re into walking, jogging or running! http://www.walkjogrun.net (They also have an app for the iPhone I believe!)

Flora Women's Mini Marathon Dublin 2012

I am training for the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin this June, it will be my 8th year taking part and I’m running for Irish Autism Action. All support greatly appreciated! A great charity!

Get out there and get active! Running is a great way to get in shape, you see the results so fast! It gives you physical strength and it’s good for your heart! Now that the evenings are getting brighter, mosey on out and get some fresh air!

Irish Austism Action

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