Playlist Project #1; Five Songs From the Jazz Era.

My playlist project for this week is to find 5 songs from the Jazz era that I find interesting and inspiring.

Jazz isn’t a genre of music I would normally listen to but I discovered these songs today and I hope you enjoy them.

1. “Mississippi Mud” – Paul Whiteman, Bing Crosby & Irene Taylor (1927)

I found this music really interesting because I like the vocal arrangement and in particular the scat vocal by Irene Taylor. I also like the light-hearted feel to the music.

2. “Mean to Me” – Annette Hanshaw (1929)

Quite a different vocal performance to Irene Taylor’s scat style, Annette Hanshaw sings very sweetly and has a lovely vibrato technique. This piece of music is very easy to listen to.

3. “You’re Not The Only Oyster in the Stew” – Fats Waller (1934)

I quite like the piano performance in this song. Also the recording advancement is clearly audible, the bass is warmer and the overall recording is much clearer. I like the laid back, relaxed feel to this song.

4. “She Looks Like Helen Brown” – Ross Gorman and His Virginians (1927)

This is an interesting and colourful tune, to me it’s rather quirky and catchy!

5. “My Castle in Spain” – Jane Green (1926)

A thoughtful song. I enjoy the beautiful melodies on the violins, especially the violin solo at 02.12. A very charming song and certainly a gem.


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