DkIT Music and Audio Production :)

I’m absolutely LOVING college!!!

Year 2 of Dundalk Institute of Technology’s BA in Music and Audio Production is everything and more I was hoping for! Year 1 was awesome, and even though we are only 3 weeks back, Year 2 is already very exciting and very interesting!

I’m so, so proud to be studying at this college, learning from the amazing lecturers, working with awesome gear and getting exciting opportunities in project work!

This photo was taken during the week in the main live room of the college studio, when the new first year students officially met the second years! The craic was ninety! There is already a warm, fuzzy feeling of friendship and excitement throughout the college!

Us second years are also excited about the new students who joined our class this year!

Are YOU considering studying Music and Audio Production at DkIT? Join us! Got a question? Get in touch with me via SoundCloud, message me at Stephanie Caffrey’s sets on SoundCloud – Create, record and share your sounds for free. 🙂

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DkIT Music and Audio Production, Years 1&2 2012/2013

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