Playlist Project #3; 5 Songs Which Have a Positive Message Towards Women

This week’s playlist is 5 songs which have a positive message towards women that are not about sex, love and relationships. This list does not include any pop songs- there are thousands of pop songs which empower women, its easy to think of them straight away but a lot harder to find rock and other genres of music!

1. “Lady Madonna” – The Beatles (1968)

A song about a hardworking mother who overcomes the problems she faces each week and makes ends meet.

2. “Mama Said” – Metallica (1996)

One of my personal Metallica favourites, Hetfield opens his heart and sings about his mother, in particular about the unconditional love a mother has for her son.

3. “Fat Bottomed Girls” – Queen  (1978)

The first song which came into my head when thinking about this playlist. I did consider if this song objectifies women but I think this song is not offensive, it’s a celebration about women who are not stick-thin, they make the rockin world go round!

4. “Facedown” – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (2007)

About a woman who has enough of her abusive partner and stands up for herself. Catchy song too, nice to see a young band writing about such a subject.

5. “Keep Your Head Up” – Tupac Shakur (1993)

About equality! This song has a positive message towards women and shows concern about the lack of respect shown towards women.


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