DkIT “Popcast”- My Role (Part 2).

This blog post is a continuation of my role in the Music and Audio Production class group project for our module “Communication and Popular Music”. Our project is a 4 part series of podcasts which show the importance of popular music to the wider college community. As I mentioned last week, I am on the production team and specifically working on the promo.

I collaborated with my classmate Mark on this and we worked closely. I contributed the initial idea/structure of the promo which I posted both on my blog and Moodle. Mark sourced a lead guitar lick to kick it all off and a crackin’ tune for the background (composing and recording a jingle was just too time consuming with all the other assignments going on). He sent me a rough demo via email so I could get a taste of his vocal approach for the script we collaborated on.

We had a very manic, busy week in college between final studio production sessions and sample recordings but we managed to get a 2 hour block which suited us both to get together and record the real voiceover.

We recorded in the isolation both in a Mac lab using Mark’s Rode K2 microphone, my Roland Cakewalk UA25 EX audio interface and my Macbook Pro using Pro Tools SE 10. We recorded a lot of takes and after 25 minutes we were happy we got everything we needed.

Recording the voiceovers in the isolation booth. We weren't using the tie-lines as we were using my Macbook Pro instead of the dedicated iMac.
Recording the voiceovers in the isolation booth. We weren’t using the tie-lines as we were using my Macbook Pro instead of the dedicated iMac.

Later on I edited down to those special takes, the ones I wanted to comp into the final playlist. I popped in some fades to get rid of any nasty pops and glitches that occurred through the editing process. The lead guitar track needed a low pass filter to get rid of some high frequency crackles and I also popped some eq and compression on Mark’s voice.

Ready to edit?!
Ready to edit?!

I had fun with the end of the promo with the wildtrack of Mark ad libbing “DKIT!” and “POPCAST!”. I added 2 new tracks with the same eq and compression settings and added a short delay on both. I panned each hard left and hard right and dragged the right track slightly behind the left one. (You’ll hear the effect when you listen to my SoundCloud link at the end).

Fun radio effect on the "DkIT" "Popcast" samples.
Fun radio effect on the “DkIT” “Popcast” samples.

For an extra bit of fun I created another new track, added the first sample of “DkIT”, chopped out the “kIT” leaving me with only the “D”, inserted a medium reverb directly onto the track, bounced out… I then brought this bounce back in to a new track and reversed it, giving me a lovely swell of “ddddDDDDDD” which I popped in leading up to the “DkIT” sample.

Reverse "ddddD"'s :)
Reverse “ddddD”‘s 🙂

So my finished promo looks a little something like this:

Final mix of promo #1
Final mix of promo #1

Listen to it via DkIT Popcast Promo by Stephanie Caffrey on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds.

More work to do… I will be putting together small separate episode introductions next.


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