DkIT “Popcast”- My Role (Part 3).

The final blog concerning my involvement in the communication and popular music module class assignment “DkIT Popcast”.

As well as making the promo for the podcasts (with my team partner Mark), I added in extra audio for each specific podcast eg. for the 1960’s podcast “Episode 1…the 1960’s”.

I also edited the 1970’s podcast. I wasn’t in the DkIT radio room for most of the recording but I agreed that day I would edit the audio the team recorded. The team recorded onto Audacity and bounced down a mono wav for me. I imported this audio into a new Pro Tools 10 session along with the 1980’s promo I made. Seán provided the dj mashups for me. I edited down the recorded audio, removing the out-takes and the occasional unnatural silence and extraneous sounds. Aaron provided me with most of the music and I popped the tracks in at the appropriate times.

The ending of the podcast is a bit unnatural so I used Mark’s soloed overdub “episode 3…the 1980’s” to fade in over the 80’s teaser mashup. I added in some delay and echoes for a touch of sparkle.

Below one can see the finished Pro Tools session of the 1970’s podcast.

Screen Shot

That’s me done and dusted! Ideally I would have liked much more time so I wouldn’t be completely stressed doing this! But I’m happy with the result and I think we made a groovy podcast!

Find the DkIT Popcasts on Mixcloud! DkITPopcast | Mixcloud.


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