Quick Update From Bergen, Norway :)

Just a quickie to say that we’re spending the weekend in Bergen, the weather has been brilliant- sunshine yesterday and then snow which started at 4am! (yes I was awake… insomnia and all that!)

All IP students are sharing a hostel in the city centre, we’ve been asked by the lecturers to please leave the building standing at least! There has been a lot of partying going on but I personally haven’t been a part of this, I prefer to spend my money on things I can bring home 😉 Drink isn’t exactly cheap here!

I’ve been taking loads of photos and I can’t wait to share them online. The internet connection is very slow and it took me 30 minutes to attach one to an email this afternoon! So expect photos perhaps tomorrow night or the next day when we are back in Leirvick!

Today was a “Steffy” day where I spent the day in deep thought at the Fløibanen Funicular – a Bergen attraction….I took the train up the mountain (40kr one way) and up the top I took loads of photos, walked through the forest, slipped and fell on my arse unexpectedly, narrowly avoiding the little waterfall I was too busy looking at, haha! It snowed heavily up there, it was so beautiful. My inner child demanded an ice-cream back at the shop at the top of the mountain… so eating an ice cream in a snow storm was actually really cool!! I decided to trek down the mountain and listen to music. It was fantastic. All without a map! I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I have to go back next year!

Anyway enough for now! I’m starting to get a little bit tired now… 🙂

Jeg vil ta deg senere/ catch you later 🙂


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