What I’ve Been Up To Since Semester 4 Finished!

I’ve been terribly naughty as I’ve been absent from my blog for a while!

Semester 4 has come and gone in a flash! Where did Second Year of DkIT go?! I can’t believe my 4th YEAR of studying has finished. This has been the best 4 years of my life without a doubt! Thank goodness I still have a few years still to go! I think I’m one of those types who likes studying somehow! (nerd!)

Results have already come out and I’m just delighted. A weekend of partying was had and many much-needed laughs!

Cocktails, vodka,pizza and music trivia board games is how we celebrate exam results!
Cocktails, vodka,pizza and music trivia board games is how we celebrate exam results!

The sudden appearance of summer has left me almost winded! I had a couple of weeks of “Oh no! What do I do with myself now?!”. The first thing I did was finish reading the 4th Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book. (Awesome! Now to get the 5th one!)

I’ve been feeling a bit blue due to a writers block. I wanted to jump straight back in with new material but nothing was happening! I hate times like these! My acoustic 12 string was the only thing which felt half good and brought about a few ideas. What I’ve been really wanting to do is start a new Logic Pro project and create a new chill-out song/instrumental.

With not much musical inspiration I decided to throw myself into the next best thing- running! I’ve been running like a mad thing and slowly starting to shake off this block. Energy, self esteem, positive self image, motivation, creativity- is all returning.

I’ve also been doing a bit of creative and personal writing online! That’s a lot of fun actually.

And I’ve been taking in some amazing scenery around Northern Ireland on my days off from work.

I did indeed walk in the Giants footsteps!
I did indeed walk in the Giants footsteps!

It looks like I’m embarking on a new musical project with the fabulous Lauren Murphy. We’re great friends (since the first week of DkIT) and we’ve been planning songwriting sessions for a while now. Ideas have been emailed back and forth and it’s looks like the collaborations are going to start very soon!!! (Watch this space).

Queen of rock, the fabulous Lauren Murphy!
Rock goddess, the fabulous Lauren Murphy!

Tonight I decided to remix a project which I thought the world deserved to hear. Until I decided it was another days job (if I ever feel it musically again) and started writing something new. Something chill-out, something deep. We’ll see if the feel stays!

Ideas are coming...
Ideas are coming…

Until the next blog… Happy out 😉


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