Let There be Sound!

It’s easy to forget sometimes how important our hearing is! Especially when you’re heavily involved in music. I have often received a rap on the knuckles for listening to my iPod too loud when I should really know better! I never go to a gig without my ear plugs though, something I bought only 2 years ago after seeing someone close to me suffer with tinnitus for 6 months (thankfully the person is ok now!).

I’m not about to write a blog of ear care or how the ear works, you can find that out very easily in a Google search. If you’re a musician or sound engineer etc, and you don’t know your stuff in this area, I suggest you start researching!

No ears!

The reason I thought I should write a little about hearing is because I suffered 2 weeks of blocked ears! You might laugh at this harmless sounding problem but I thought my world had ended! I never experienced any problem like this before, it started with my right ear closing up and then my left. I actually felt like I was smothering most of the time as my heart raced with panic. My voice was extremely loud in my head, I could barely hear conversation, even crossing the road was a danger, I couldn’t hear approaching cars! I strained for a full week at work, listening to customers, trying to understand what they were asking! I had to forget about listening to music, turn up the tv and laptop rather loud (sorry neighbours!) and not go running. The bones in my neck creaked loudly, ugh! My life was actually an utter misery for 2 solid weeks!!! Sitting in silence was my only relief!

After a quick check-up, it was confirmed it was just a build-up in my ears, drops were suggested and every night for a week I put them in. That was horrible as they made me feel dizzy! I also felt like the drops would come out of my eye balls!! They did the trick though, the syringing was a breeze and POP! I could hear clearly! Relief!!! Back to the real world and oh my goodness, how noisy it is! Crisp, crunchy, clear!

tuna cat

It’s possible this may be a re-occurring problem, especially when my father suffers with it constantly. But then, we both wear headphones constantly which probably doesn’t help. I’m so, so glad it was nothing more serious (like swimmer’s ear, that just sounds horrendous) or something ultimately worse.

This small ailment made me realise how much I take my ears for granted. What would my life be like if I had to hear like that for the rest of my days? Or not at all?! To not be able enjoy sound, not just music- conversation, the cat purring on my lap, would be a fate worse than I could imagine.

Lucky for me, my cat doesn't purr as loud as a lawn-mower! Read http://jezebel.com/5766783/hear-the-cat-who-purrs-as-loud-as-a-lawnmower
Lucky for me, my cat doesn’t purr as loud as a lawn-mower! Read http://jezebel.com/5766783/hear-the-cat-who-purrs-as-loud-as-a-lawnmower

You won’t find me blaring my iPod anymore and you won’t need to tell me to turn down the music from my little music room, I actually can’t tolerate loudness now with my new ears! How lucky I am to be able to say that.

Mind your ears! You only get one chance.

One more lolcat for the road...
One more lolcat for the road…

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