Culture, Society and Popular Music; Country Music Playlist

This is a three track playlist of popular contemporary country music in Ireland right now.

1. Nathan Carter- Wagon Wheel (2012)

Originally written by Bob Dylan and made famous by Old Crow Medicine Show, Nathan Carter won the hearts of the nation with his cover of Wagon Wheel in 2012. Nathan Carter (23) brings his “nice boy” image with matching sound to local venues around the country causing a renewed interest in contemporary country music among young people. I personally wouldn’t be a fan but I respect his genuine love for country music and it’s traditions. Catchy tune and nice production in my opinion!

2. Sharon Shannon and Mundy- Galway Girl (2006)

This Mundy cover version is the 8th most popular song of all time in Ireland according to “Galway Girl” was written by Steve Earle and Sharon Shannon played on the original version. Mundy’s version was also on the Bulmer’s ad in 2008. It is a love song. The lyrics tell of the singer’s reaction to a beautiful black haired woman he met in Galway. It is an instant toe-tapper with it’s sparkling, jangly mandolin introduction. It’s instantly recognisable. The song is extremely catchy and uplifting and it’s no surprise it was number one for 5 weeks in 2008. I personally love the mandolin and the energy in the drum performance.

3. Country Heroes- The Dance (2010)

According to the Ireland iTunes Top 20 Country Songs chart “The Dance” is the second most popular song in the country right now. This ballad comes from a tribute album to Garth Brooks, so it’s no surprise to me with Garth selling out 4 dates in Croke Park in the last week that this song is so popular right now. Lyrically the song is very moving, it’s about the pain of losing somebody special. The lyrics are so touching, it’s easy to see why so many people can relate to them. Personally I don’t like the production of this cover version, it sounds home-made with stiff programmed drums and virtual instruments. Garth’s original recording is much warmer and polished sounding, I will include it below.


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