A Students Perspective of Vantastival 2014

Just want to share some pix and a brief summary about our experience at Vantastival last weekend!

We (Steff, Shauna, Amy and Kial- students in years 3 and 2 of Music and Audio Production, DkIT) worked at the Golden Plec acoustic stage in the Vantastibar (Spirit Store) tent. We used a Soundcraft Spirit Folio analogue desk, SM58s, SM57s, D.I boxes plus a Behringer 8024 graphic EQ for the monitors and “front of tent” sound. 😉


We worked with loads of artists from Ireland, England and Europe, some were trad groups, some singer-songwriters, some rock/indie bands in unplugged format. You name it, we mic-ed it!


Our highlights included Jinx Lennon (legend-check him out!), John Spillane and Race the Flux.


We all worked as a team, which not only included setting up the artists and doing their monitor and main mixes but helping out the Spirit Store staff (helps to be able to pull a pint when required!) as well. It was a wonderful experience to get so hands on with live sound and learn so much about it (so different to the studio!) and meet so many amazing artists. A busy weekend but invaluable experience! Here’s to more future work experience opportunities for DkIT students… 😀





Our biggest thanks to Derek Turner and all the awesome lads at the Spirit Store, we had such a brilliant weekend!

Ps- one piece of advice for a student working at a festival (especially in Ireland!)- wear wellies, not your favourite runners! 😉 (more pix can be found on my Instagram (http://instagram.com/audio_girl)


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