Trust the Process- 2017 Reflection

I haven’t made a single post here in a year and half and I’ve been very aware of it. I’ve been in two minds whether to continue this blog or not and if I do, should it be a personal blog or professional music blog? I haven’t been able to find what resonates with me so I just left it for the time being.

2017 was a weird year. I didn’t play a single gig. I have felt very disconnected from music and to be honest, disconnected from myself. 2017 was quite frankly a dark year. It started in January with the loss of my cat and while that might seem insignificant compared to what else is going on in the world, it hit me very deeply. I loved her very much and I can’t really talk about her still without welling up. The part of my heart she lived in went with her when she left this life.

I spent much of the first half of the year alone, unable to move with her loss. The raw emotions I was going through didn’t inspire me to write music, chase jobs or even seek out other people to make music with.

However life did pick back up, I was chased to record music for an old college friend, it was a very creative and busy few months. I fostered a cat with her kittens for the Drogheda Animal Rescue centre and ended up adopting them. By the time all that settled down, I found out I won a scholarship to start my Music Research Masters in September.

Returning to college was an incredibly anxious time and the transition is still happening. It’s all very different to my previous 6 years of study and I’m still finding my feet. However I’m starting to feel creative again, I want to play music again and I want to listen to music again.

2017 had it’s great moments- going for dinner with Jim Corr (wow!), going to gigs to see Kern and then Anto Drennan, completing a Sound Therapy course, recording Fiona in my studio, talking about the creative process with Chela in Canada, watching my childhood best friend get married and of course, her crazy hen party!

Goodbye 2017, may 2018 be more fruitful and productive! Maybe I’ll come back to the stage?

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