Artist Statement

I produce music to express my innermost thoughts, experiences and emotions. My productions represent my emotional self and the emotions of the artists I work with. My music is created to take the listener into my world for his or her own emotional interpretation. This emotional and intellectual connection between the listener and my music is what drives me to create and produce.

My productions typically blend acoustic musical instruments and layered vocals with elements of electronic music and recordings of natural sound. The human voice is the focal point of emotional expression while my blend of acoustic and electronic sound creates a textured auditory atmosphere that varies, moves and evolves where the real and synthetic are interwoven. The additions of natural sound recordings in my productions provide unique sonic snapshots that are intended to evoke human connection.

As well life experiences and human emotions, sound itself inspires my productions. The sound of a musical instrument, voice or location can lead me to create a piece of music with a personal message.

I seek to create music that can be appreciated musically, emotionally and intellectually while expressing originality of the artists I work with and myself in the best way possible.

Photograph 2014 by P. Mc Caul
Photograph 2014 by P. Mc Caul

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Music Producer-Sound Engineer-Musician-Songwriter

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