A Busy Night Recording Vocals In A Secret Location!

Exciting things happening in Feckin Studio lately! Tonight myself and Sarah Lou headed out to a secret location to record vocals for this latest track we are working on! She met me at Feckin Studio where I blindfolded her and bundled her into my car! I kidnapped her in essence. Yes I did. That’s all part of the Feckin Studio recording experience you know! She found herself some time later in a fantastic church in the middle of Nowhere. An acoustically amazing location, her vocal filled the church with beautiful reflections. Don’t ask how I got the key! And don’t ask if I actually got permission!

Armed with my trusty iMac, my Roland Cakewalk UA 25 EX audio interface, Rode NTK microphone, pop shield, Samson S-Amp and two pairs of headphones, we tracked about 30 vocal takes in about an hour and a half, perhaps less.

Sarah Lou was delighted with the location and sang her heart out, despite not knowing where she was and knowing whether I actually going to bring her back to her car or not! We even had time for a few snaps at the end, a well earned giggle after a busy night!

Sarah Lou poses for me in a confession box (after she prayed for our sins!)
Me starting my 100 Hail Marys I was punished with...

The track will be revealed in a few weeks!!!


A Great Day at Feckin Studio!

Yes that’s right. Feckin Studio! And sure, why not! As I live in Termonfeckin, Feckin Records seems like a suitable name for my productions! Pure gold! 😀 What radio DJ is going to ignore a CD with “A Feckin Studios Production” on it! Hahaha!

As you may already know from my personal Facebook page, I’m collaborating with Sarah Louisa Nolan, a very talented singer, musician, actress, teacher as well as my personal friend. We have something exciting to share soon! We have already recorded vocals, all we need is a few guitar overdubs and finish the mix!

Go to The Upper Circle Academy: Sarah Louisa Nolan to read about Sarah Lou’s musical career so far.

Aztaria are returning to the rehearsal room next week! Watch out of you’re about Dublin city on Saturday night though, the Aztarians are hitting the town to celebrate future adventures, recent achievements and good health!!! Party over here!

Pawel, Arianna and David from Aztaria know how to party!!!

‘Til the next time! x

Happy Birthday Paweł Rożyński!!!

Just a quick blog to wish my dear, dear fellow Aztarian Pawel Rozynski a very happy birthday!!!!!

Pawel and I met in Ballyfermot College of Further Ed., in Sept 2009 (read the Aztaria story in my musical history  link for that tale!) and we have been firm friends ever since! He’s an awesome guitar player and a talented sound engineer, as well as the maddest, funniest, craziest, nicest, sweetest chap I know! I’m delighted we are friends, his friendship means so much to me!

Myself and Pavo celebrating our first gig together Sept 2010, my favourite photo of the Aztaria guitar team!

Wszystkiego najlepszego Pavo!!! Aztaria have MANY celebrations to do when you come home from your holiday! Double vodkas will be had! 😀

Pavo's Aztaria Doll!
The real Pavo with his real motorbike!!!

Oooh, Exciting Musical Times Are Upon Us!

Welcome to my first real blog!

I have no Aztaria adventure to tell you about just yet as we’re still on vacation but I thought I’d share some exciting musical news this evening!

I’m very excited at the news that Rammstein are coming to the O2, Dublin in Feb 2012! Tickets are going on sale at 9 a.m and I’ll be up at that ungodly hour to buy my ticket online! I’ve been a massive fan of Rammstein for many, many years, I got to see them in Berlin, summer 2005 on the Reise, Reise tour which was beyond epic! Apocalyptica supported them and even came back to join forces on the tear jerking “Ohne Dich”, truly an amazing gig! Richard Kruspe is my favourite guitar player ever (okay it helps he’s a fox!), his solo album “Emigrate” is still my all time favourite C.D. How I cannot wait to see him in action again next year! Did I mention I was excited?!

Richard Kruspe photographed by myself live in Berlin on the Reise, Reise tour 2005.

Oh yes, if Richard Kruspe gets kidnapped during his stay in Ireland, it, ummmmmm, wasn’t me….. you didn’t read this blog, this never happened, you don’t know me! 😉 See photograph below I took of him in 2005…. ladies, could you resist this guy? 😉

Richard Kruspe photographed by myself live in Berlin on the Reise, Reise tour 2005.

In other news I got word today that I will be continuing my third level education journey! I was offered a place on a brand new Music Production and Recording course, I am very excited! I absolutely loved my previous Music Production course in Ballyfermot College of Further Education I recently completed, I’d highly recommend studying at this wonderful place of learning!

Apart from Rammstein, my advice to you is to wrap your ears around this piece of audio greatness: Pete Holidai “The Devil’s Guitar”. I’ve been listening to this since it’s release this summer and I can’t get enough of it. For those of you who don’t know who Pete Holidai is, shame on you, (Google him now!) and those of you who don’t let the Recession hold you back from buying music, purchase the album online at Pete’s Bandcamp page.

The Devil’s Guitar | Pete Holidai.

This is my favorite track from the album. I love the baritone guitar, it oozes sex appeal! The vocals are fantastic as well. A great song in my opinion, one of many from the album!

Buy The Devil’s Guitar today! Support true Irish talent! Also for a giggle, find Pete on Facebook and join the campaign for his Presidency for Ireland!

That’s me signing off for tonight, busy day tomorrow! Rock on! xXx

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