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White Collar Boxing Fight Night 2011

Tonight is the night! White collar boxing is back in Drogheda’s recently revamped Westcourt Hotel and if last years event is anything to go by, this will be one very exciting and energetic night!!! Fight Night 2011 is presented by Drogheda & District Chamber in conjunction with whitecollarboxing.ie and the Holy Family Boxing Club. Amateur boxers go head to head and battle each other to the bitter end, all in aid of charity!

This high-profile event has been the talk of Drogheda for weeks now and is having a major positive effect on the town socially and economically, bringing the community together for a great cause.

All the contestants have been extremely busy training hard over the last 6 weeks with professional boxers in the Holy Family Club, focusing on fitness, safety, nutrition, recovery, and physical and mental health and raising money for the Drogheda Youth Development in conjunction with the Boyne Fishermen Rescue and Recovery service.

Dearbhla Clarke of DYD, Niamh Gardiner and Frances Regan Drogheda Homeless Aid at the launch of the Drogheda Chamber White Collar Boxing Fight Night. Pic Shane Cowley

Speaking to contestant Dynamo Dearbhla today she told me she’s feeling “very hyper and very excited!! I’ve been training twice a week for the last 6-8 weeks in the Holy Family Boxing Club as well as my usual workouts in the gym plus running 10 kilometres every day! I’m here for the fun and the good cause, I’m very excited about tonight and want to put up a great fight!” Dearbhla Clarke will go head to head with fitness friend Sandra Zelnyte from Lithuania tonight. “Any final words on white collar boxing?” I asked Dearbhla, “Thank God for aloe vera!!! I have already got battle wounds from training, it’s a life saver!!”. Sounds like this is going to be a very exciting night! Original band Aztaria will be rocking Dearbhlas’ entrance walk with their very own “Right Thru” track along with a performance from pole dancing champion 2011 Arlene Caffrey.

Dynamo Dearbhla takes on Sandra Zelnyte tonight!

Best of luck to all the contestants, they are all winners at the end of the night! Don’t miss Fight Night 2011 in the Westcourt Hotel, West Street, Drogheda, doors open at 8.00pm.


Aztaria Live Acoustic Recording

Last night was Aztaria’s 2nd rehearsal in Dublin after our summer break. To ease ourselves back into the swing of things, we decided we would rehearse our entire set acoustically. And sure while we were at it (seeing as I never leave home without my iMac, microphone and magic recording box!!!), why not record the whole session as well?! 🙂

Paweł, David and Arianna share a joke in rehearsals!

As you can see above, many a giggle was had and it felt as if we never had a break, in a good way of course! Were any of the naughty jokes captured on video-camera? Perhaps! 😉 Aztaria Rockumentary coming soon!!!

I set up my trusty Rode NTK microphone in the far corner of the rehearsal room, as far away as I could get from David’s kit (no offense to David in any way, it’s only natural he’s the loudest member of the band! :)) and Sandra positioned herself in front of the mic. I sat to her left with my Tanglewood acoustic guitar and Paweł sat next to me again. He wished to use his (hot and sexy) Cort electric guitar with his new guitar rig which includes his Boss GT-10 effects processor, Boss V-Wah pedal (love the sounds he’s making with this new toy!!) and a host of Marshall and other racks to compliment his sound! Arianna sat nearby on her bass amp (playing her electric bass as as she’s saving for a new acoustic baby!) and far, far, away all by his lonesome was David using his full kit with brushes 😉 We set up a 58 over his kit to make use of the second input available on my Roland Cakewalk UA25EX audio interface (aka my magic recording box!) and recorded straight into my iMac. Not the most acoustically soundproof room but I was surprised after a brief soundcheck of the clarity of our realtime mix (leaning closer and further away from the Rode mic as appropriate and playing/singing louder and softer when necessary), we recorded 4 tracks, 3 of which we may use!

It was great fun to do something different together and make something productive! Aztaria are back and ready to rock and roll!!!

Arianna, Sandra and David chilling out during a break!
Aztaria grrrrrrrrrrrrls Sandra, Arianna and myself posing outside the rehearsal room!