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Field Recording at Dunany Point, Co. Louth, Ireland

A couple of weeks ago I brought my Zoom H4N handy recorder to my favourite secret beach- Dunany Point, Co. Louth.

Dunany Point, Co. Louth
Dunany Point, Co. Louth

Dunany Point (Dunany being the anglicisation of Dún Áine -the fort of Áine) is said to be a place of deep sorrow, where the beautiful Áine sat in her chair of stone and looked across the sea towards her love who never returned. It is said that the black rocks at the base of the cliff were Áine’s attempt to build a causeway so she could see her love one day. Alas, Áine never did see her love again and slowly went mad with grief.

Stones and rocks at the base  of the cliff
Stones and rocks at the base of the cliff
The shore at Dunany Point
The shore at Dunany Point
Looking towards the Cooley Mountains
Looking towards the Cooley Mountains

This recording might be nice for those who wish to hear a mostly unvisited, unspoiled beach in a quiet corner of Ireland!

Please enjoy this recording and if you wish to use it in your project, don’t hesitate to ask for permission!


My Day as a Production Sound Recordist on Set of “The Hit Producer”

I had a very exciting day today! I got my very first taste of working in the film industry!

I have had a growing interest in audio for film the past few months and have been craving some first hand experience. My private prayers were answered the other night when Jass Foley asked me to be a boom operator for a day for a film he was working on-“The Hit Producer”, an independent Irish feature crime thriller.

A fledgling movie producer with a talent for contract killing becomes the target of Dublin’s drug underworld and finds bloody salvation in the film industry. via The Hit Producer.

Up and wide awake at the crack of dawn, I packed my AKG K272’s, lunch, tool-kit, laptop, Sat Nav, raincoat, scarf and fingerless gloves and headed for the Wicklow mountains. It would be fair to say that the hardest part of the day was actually finding the film location, my Sat Nav didn’t like being fed co-ordinates! Sat Nag more like! Nonetheless after a lot of twisty, windy roads and the help of Jass, I found my way!

I don’t want to talk about the film itself in detail for fear I give anything away but I do want to express how much fun I had boom mic-ing the tortured cries of actors both outdoors in the pouring rain and indoors in a lonely, cold shed for hostages! My arms ached from booming overhead, the wind and rain didn’t help my fatigued shaky arms (shaking with both nerves and excitement!) but indoors was a lot easier, perhaps by that stage I was getting used to the awkward positions and I was growing more confident! Not only did I record dialogue and cries of agony but a couple of wild tracks (the natural sounds of the environment in which I was recording- no talking, no shuffling.)

Check it out! That’s me getting my ‘boom’ on! 😉

I really enjoyed my day on set because it was a little break from music. I felt I got to use my skills of recording and listening in a different way and it was a challenge. It was a breath of fresh air! I absolutely loved being part of an exciting team and meeting new people (who so happened to enjoy the same copious amounts of Family Guy, Simpsons and South Park as me!). I had a lot of fun, learned loads and can’t wait to see the finished film!

Check out the teaser below, go like The Hit Producer on Facebook and follow @hitproducerfilm on Twitter.